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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Dear Sir,
We have what we think is a streptocarpus plant, however we are not at all sure. A photo is attached, and your help will be appreciated.

On plant Streptocarpus

P1010306 P1010307



it looks like it could be streptocarpus (cape primrose ) constant nymph

22 Aug, 2010


Sorry to disagreee, but I'm pretty sure that it's an Achimenes....

22 Aug, 2010


definitely not a streptocarpus. Spritzhenry is probly correct. its a nice plant however.

22 Aug, 2010


Not a Strepto but very pretty. Streps have long fleshy leaves. One of the reasons I got rid of mine, as the leaves seem to take over eventually. I had Constant Nymph for about 20 years. Never saw another till they came back into the trade again.

23 Aug, 2010


I bought a small pack of Achimenes 'corms' this spring, mixed colours. I haven't grown them for years. I now have a white and a pink in flower, with a purple to come. Pretty!

This is a very healthy plant that dthurgood has. :-))

23 Aug, 2010

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