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per impiantare la peonia in modo corretto

On plant Paeonia cambessedesii



Don't plant your peony too deep - it may arrive as a bare-rooted plant. If you do plant it too deep, it will take a long time to flower.

I'm sorry my Italian isn't good enough to answer you in your own language.

22 Aug, 2010


Don' pianta di t il vostro peony troppo in profondità - può arrivare come una pianta nudo-sradicata. Se lo piantiate troppo in profondità, richiederà molto tempo fiorire. I' m. spiacente il mio isn' italiano; t abbastanza buona rispondergli nella vostra propria lingua.

Hope you don't mind me Babelfishing this, Spritz. I just did a straight copy & paste.

22 Aug, 2010


No - I'm pleased you did, Mr MB. I haven't got the facility on my PC (yet!) to translate. The translation doesn't look like correct Italian, though...not sure why??

22 Aug, 2010


Non pianta la tua peonia troppo profonde - si può arrivare come una pianta a radice nuda. Se si pianta troppo in profondità, ci vorrà molto tempo per fiorire.

Google translator tends to give a better translation. Spritzh. just open a new browser window and type 'on-line translators' it will come up with lots.

22 Aug, 2010


I've just been persuaded to add 'Google Translate' to my Bookmarks.

22 Aug, 2010


IMPRESSIVE, you lot nearly had me going there, I thought I was going to have to enroll for night school. :0)

22 Aug, 2010


Oh now 'that's' more like proper Italian, Mrs MB!!! :-))

I'll do that, thanks. :-))

Littlelegs, I did go to Night School, and can speak some Italian, but the technical gardening vocab. was beyond me!

22 Aug, 2010


Like me and German/French...

22 Aug, 2010


Ha! I'm going to show off here - I have 'A' levels in those...

Now the confession...I can't remember much of it.....:-((((

22 Aug, 2010


Oh I can speak fluent German and French... writing it is a different thing after all these years...

22 Aug, 2010


Ooooh! Now I'm impressed, Mg! Good on you. :-))

23 Aug, 2010

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