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Does anyone know what plant this is ? I am iching to take them (have several) out, but maybe it will become something beautiful some day and I will regret it ? They are 2 meters high and have grown about two years. Many many thanks for your help.


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Hi Elisabeth, I can't help thinking that these might infact just be weeds? You mention you have several and they've grown 2m in 2 years - but no flowers. I may be wrong but they just appear to be overgrown weeds...

20 Aug, 2010


Thank you. You might be right actually.

20 Aug, 2010


Look rather like a willow/salix. Is the ground damp where they are growing?

20 Aug, 2010


There are two plants here. Middle pic is a Prunus, probably a Plum/Gage/Blackthorn. The last picture as said above is a willow (Salix caprea).

The top one looks to be mostly the willow in the shot.

20 Aug, 2010


It's a willow (all pictures), salix caprea to be precise (pussy willow). You can see the stipules at the base of the leaves. A weed in the wrong place, but a foodplant of the caterpillars of several moth species.
Phil J

20 Aug, 2010


Not sure I can see stipules in the middle pic but you may have better eyesight than me :-)

20 Aug, 2010


Yes, it is rather damp soil . Ok no rare plant so I can re-arrange the borders now that I know what it is. Thank you all ! :)

21 Aug, 2010

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