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Hello I have just tried without much success to grow strawberries but have now identified where I went wrong! Can anyone tell me if I can successfully grow in a greenhouse and if so when is the best time to plant. Also do I let new plants taken from runners crop next year?



And where did you go wrong?

Strawberries can be grown in a greenhouse but they are potentially more prone to pests and disease such as botrytis as the conditions are much warmer and less "airy" plus growth is softer.

They are usually grown outdoors and like a cool position (especially the roots) in sun or light shade. Wherever the genus Fragaria is found growing in the wild it is either in light shade or in full sun above the tree line of mountains.

If you keep your greenhouse well ventilated though you should be fine. They prefer a loam based soil in pots that are not too deep as their shallow roots rot in deep pots as the soil at the bottom can stay wet. Its a good idea to mulch around the plants with straw too if you are thinking of planting in wide containers or in a greenhouse bed. This keeps the roots cool and stops fruit getting dirty or lying on the soil surface and rotting.

20 Aug, 2010


I grew strawberries for the first time this year too, I couldn't believe how easy it was. It wasn't the most fruitful of harvests but i put that down to first year plants and the fact i used miracle gro instead of tomato food (had lovely foliage though!!!), will know better for next year though. Had come cracking runners that I've manged to root and now doubled the amount of plants for next summer.
I grew mine in straberry bags that have the side pockets and had absolutely no bother with slugs and birds.

20 Aug, 2010


The plants also need a period of cold, so if you want early fruit by growing under cover, you need to plant them in pots, leave outside until after Xmas then bring them in.

20 Aug, 2010


i grow my strawberries in a cold g/house, and also agree they want cold weather. i pot up new runners every september into 6in pots and bring them just before xmas. during the winter i only water very sparingly, when the weather starts to warm up i water them more, and feed once a week with tomato food. watch out for leaves stuck together, there is a caterpillar inside. kill it.diadon

21 Aug, 2010


Well, at least give it to any attendant robins so that its life wasn't completely in vain.

21 Aug, 2010

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