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By Trenchy

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone. My question is about my houseplant Not sure of name it was a present.
As you can see by photo's the big leaf is turning yellow which means I will lose it. Also the new leaves below are turning brown on the edge before opening.
can anyone please help me.

House_plant_005 House_plant_006 House_plant_007



Its a Calathaea. I think the single leaf that is turning yellow may be normal as it could just be an old leaf dying off. The browing on the edges of the leaves are not so good though.

Two things, they need relatively high humidity and like shade (the purple backs to the leaf of a plant usually indicate this shade loving habit in many houseplants and can be used as a rule of thumb). The best you can do is put a large tray as wide as the plant under the pot with grit or gravel kept wet to create a micro climate.

20 Aug, 2010


Thanks Fractal. I have this plant standing on stones in the plant pot, would you suggest I water only from the bottom onto the stones and maybe spray.
i have only one lounge and nowhere else to put it other than by patio doors. What a problem 4 me . Boo Hoo.

20 Aug, 2010


Fractal I fogot to mention the pot the plant is in is standing on stones in a larger pot.

20 Aug, 2010


I would water by plunging in the sink for a few minutes then leave to drain thoroughly. This way all the rootball get wet and you allow all remaining excess water to drain away before putting back in the outer container. They hate wet roots.

Strong light is a problem too of course. If you can stand it as far back from the patio door the better of have another plant in front to screen it?

Nice plants, in fact lovely foliage plants but they are quite specific in their requirements. Think warm, damp woodland floor with low light levels...

20 Aug, 2010


Thanks again Fractal, I will try your reccomendations. My big problem is I have no room to put anything in front of the plant and nowhere else for it to go. My lounge is very bright really unless I have curtains drawn all day ( not likely ). It is the only spare corner.

21 Aug, 2010

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