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I have brown turkey fig tree in my garden against a south facing trellis it has started to lose its leaves it is also in a large pot what’s wrong because it look healthy enough and has got new shoots growing



Figs can be fairly heavy feeders in pots, Steve. It's probably a little late now for anything but a light feeding, say with half-strength fish emulsion. Next year, I would put on a timed-release food just as the buds start to swell, or give it light monthly applications of a slow-release, balanced organic food. Drought can also cause older leaves to turn once the drought ends.

18 Aug, 2010


Does it have to remain in a pot? Figs don't take up much space in the soil and can be grown next to a wall without endangering foundations. Figs in the soil will flourish and give far better crops, and by careful pruning you can keep the tree to the size you want. All this stuff about restricting roots is unnecessary in my view unless you have extremely fertile soil.

19 Aug, 2010

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