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White fly and strawberries - what to do?
I was clearing out the weeds from my veggie patches and noticed when I disturbed the strawberry plants a cloud of tiny white moth-like flies flew around. I have searched the books and I am pretty sure these are whitefly.

I have c14 strawberry plants in a bed and I think they are about 2 or years old, there was a good harvest this year. How should I treat them?

There is a vague white powdery residue on the underneath of the leaves. Should I rip them out and start again or spray with soap?




The white flys are not a problem the powdery residue sounds like mildew. If you have let weeds grow right up and around the strawberry plants this can happen. It has also, at least for us, been a very wet and humid summer which also causes powdery mildew. I'd dig the plants up and burn or bin and start afresh and keep the area clean and clear of weeds.

17 Aug, 2010


Thanks, it is fairly weed free and well mulched. I think the mildew is just starting as some plants are effected but not others. Since I don't know the age of the plants (I got the garden less than a week ago) I had planned to remove half the plants anyway but you are right - if the mildew is more prevalent then they are all gone. No point putting new in with old diseased ones.

What do you reckon about the runners that have sprung up out side the bed? If they look clear could I transplant them?

17 Aug, 2010


Personally I wouldn't... start afresh.

17 Aug, 2010



20 Aug, 2010

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