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When are hazel nuts ready to pick or harvest



Not until about September when the nuts have turned brown and the outer leafy covering has started to shrivel and crisp up. If you cracked one now you would just get a very small immature nut inside.

14 Aug, 2010


Many thanks

14 Aug, 2010


Watch out for the Squirals, they may beat you to it LOL :o(

14 Aug, 2010


On the tree in our garden. I have to eat/store any when the tree starts shedding .Or brush them up smartly to try and forestall visiting squirrels. There is a good crop this year, but a lot of empty nuts due to the dry weather in the south. There are some nice flavoured wet nuts of good size with a pleasant taste this year. The are usually ready when the tree starts to shed.

15 Aug, 2010

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