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I just drove passed a plant and couldn't stop to see it very clearly, it was lovely. It looked like rather a rampant spreading climber as it covered the length of several fence panels. It was smothered in whte pendulous flowers. Had it been later in the year I would have said it could have been a Russian Vine but I think it is a bit early and the flowers were quite long clusters. Anybody any idea what this might be?



My Russian Vine is in flower now and I'm in South Yorks

12 Aug, 2010


I cant wait to find out what this plant is. It sounds lovely.
Lynne x

12 Aug, 2010


My Russian vine's been out for a bit as well. If that's what it looked like I guess that's what it is! :-)

12 Aug, 2010


just be aware its other name is 'mile- a- minute ' vine and is extremly vigorous

13 Aug, 2010

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