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who is responsible for my garden fencing



Hi, if you mean which fence belongs to you??? you could look at your deeds. If it's Housing Association or Council housing, all I can tell you is my daughter has had to buy her own fencing for her HA house. Hope this helps:-)

11 Aug, 2010


We live in a Housing Association house and they are pretty good we got a new gate off them after the police had damaged it doing a drugs raid on our ex very bad next door neighbough but the rest of our fence we had buy ourselves and also had to ask permission from them as well

11 Aug, 2010


If you know who put up the fence, that helps. In our case we put up our back fence and our old neighbour put up the left hand fence. We did the back fence because we wanted privacy. There is no obligation to fence anyway. So if you want a decent fence to look at, then just do it, and try to avoid any unpleasantness.

11 Aug, 2010

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