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Brown patches on lawn

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My lawn recently developed yellowish patches which have subsequently turned brown. I've been told it's probably caused by a fungus but have no idea what type of fungus or how to treat it. The lawn was treated with mosskiller a few months ago and appeared to be recovering well until the brown patches appeared. It is cut regularly (fairly short) and scarified from time to time. Any suggestions would be welcome.



Could be one of a few things: first, and most obvious, these patches can be caused by a dog, particularly a bitch, rubble under the lawn, or by drought. Assuming none of these is relevant, then we're left with Dollar Spot (usually luxury turf, particularly when underfed, patches remain small and circular, though they may coalesce) Fusarium Patch (usually autumn, appears in poorly drained, shady areas more often, with a white or pale pink mould in the areas affected in damp weather) Red Thread (patches should show a pinkish look; on close inspection, tiny red needles project from leaves of dead grass). Alternatively, if the grass is thin and sparse generally, the ground hasn't been spiked and aerated regularly, moss is frequently present, try pushing a matchstick completely into moist turf by pressing it down with the ball of your thumb - if you can't, its compacted and needs aerating treatment. Up to you to decide which of these it may be before deciding how to treat.

10 Aug, 2010


We had the same problem when we used to use moss killer on the lawn. Now we maintain a moss lawn and prefer it to grass.

10 Aug, 2010


Thank you to those who have answered my question. We'll try aerating the lawn and if that fails we may just have to accept a moss lawn.

10 Aug, 2010


I tried a new product for lawns this year for my bald and brown patches and it worked a treat. Its quite expensive and only really appropriate for small patches but it really does renew the grass. Its called Patch Magic by Miracle Grow

11 Aug, 2010


Thank you.

12 Aug, 2010

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