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Various amaryllis South African bulbs if I wish not to plant these bulbs will the stay in a dormant state and will they be OK next year



Steve, how long have these been dormant already this year?

10 Aug, 2010


Hi Tug
Not too sure they have come from a specialist nursery as flowering size bulbs. I have had FS amaryllis bulbs before from them last year and they have flowered and they have been brilliant they are the following bulbs
Brunsvigia radulosa (dolomite form)
Ammocharis coranica
Scilla natalensis hyacinthaceae
Lachenalia bulbifera
Cyrtanthus obliquus
Crinum stuhlmanii
Crinum acaule

10 Aug, 2010


I admit that when you said "amaryllis", the first thing I thought of was Hippeastrum, soI had to look all of these up! It's obviously a South African bulb supplier, and it looks like they shipped them at the proper time to plant them in South Africa. The Crinums and the Cyrtanthus I would plant up now and keep them in a heated greenhouse, since they are evergreen species, the others I would try to hold over until spring in about 40% humidity, and cool but not freezing temps. I would keep an eye on them, and if they start to shrivel, pot them up and put them in the greenhouse, too. It may take them an extra year to bloom that way, since it will be harder to adjust their biological clocks, but they at least won't be dead! In the long run, the Lachenalia may have to be stored like gladiolus bulbs over the winter, because of frost tenderness, and the Cyrtanthus may have to be kept in the greenhouse over winter, because it likes to dry out in winter. I am uncertain of the hardiness of the Crinums, so they may be indoor-outdoor plants also. It looks like the others might adapt to UK winters, though, since they are high-altitude species. Best of luck!

10 Aug, 2010


I see you say your crinums are rare. My commoner crinum is outside all the time, even last winter in a really big pot and one in the ground too. So I wonder if other crinums will acclimatise if they are exposed to a colder climate for a time. It's a shame the bad weather just got there before transfere to the glasshouseSteve

12 Nov, 2010

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