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Hello all again - I wonder if someone can recommend an indoor plant for a room that gets hardly sun at all. I've tried a couple but they all seem to die affter a season - hence my name! Oooops - I forgot the please!



We don't know your name - you appear as "Guest" on here. Perhaps you forgot to log in? The traditional plants to grow in these circumstances are Aspidistra and Mother in Law's Tongue or Sansevieria which both languished in my Grandmother's parlour (the curtains were never opened). Spider plants are easily come by and tenacious too.

10 Aug, 2010


Dracaena marginata tolerates shady conditions well, along with the two Beattie's mentioned above, though D. marginata tricolor and colorama, which are more colourful, prefer a little more light.

10 Aug, 2010


Here in the desert, the houses are built like caves! My favorites are Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema), Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sanseveria trifasciata), Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior), Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii), and Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa). Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana), and the green form of Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata), can live for a long time in a dim room, but they need a little more light than the others to be really happy.

10 Aug, 2010


Thanks all, I'll definitely try some of them. I'm sure my sons in law would suggest mother in laws tongue!

10 Aug, 2010


Let's just say it never gives up! Other common names are Snake Plant, from the patterns on the leaves, and Bowstring Hemp, from the use the San people put it to in Namibia.

10 Aug, 2010

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