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By Arjie

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My Robinia pseudoacacia 'frisia', which was planted as a new tree last year (June 2009) has dried up leaves and looks like it's dying. I've watered regularly and other plants in the area are thriving well. I'd be sorry to lose it. Any suggestions on what has gone wrong and how I can revive it?



Dont give up yet it my be draught even though you have watered it. It may be conserving its energy by losing its leaves and will be ok next year. Keep it watered and fingers crossed. I mention this as this happened to my Rowan tree, by last July it had no leaves left on it and this year its fine but I have kept it watered.

9 Aug, 2010


Also check the bark and branches to see if there any signs that the top layers have been striped away anywhere within the tree, this is a favorite for mice and I have lost several young trees over the years because of this problem.

10 Aug, 2010


I'll persevere and keep it watered. No signs of top layers being stripped away by animals. Thanks for your advice !

14 Aug, 2010


Hi, My Robinia Frisia was okay in its first year then began struggling/dying? over the last two years.( Tree is now in its fourth year). I almost took it out last year as it dropped its leaves constantly , they had brown patches on and tree was almost bare by August. But this year it is great , lush growth, no brown patches ,the best i have seen it?!! ( see pic ).... Do not know why though as i have not given it any special teatment? Wondered if the really cold winter had killed of some bugs attacking it? So don`t give up,i think they are fighting back !

17 Aug, 2010

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