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wolf shredder, motor turns over but does not start



And so therefore!!!

9 Aug, 2010


Several checks you can do. - Have you checked the fuel is on? Is it blocked ?The flywheel casing is micro switch protected, so that the motor will not run when the flywheel and blade are exposed. Has the flywheel casing come loose if it has it will stop the engine and you may need to tighten it.

9 Aug, 2010


If it was left with fuel in and hasn't been used for a while (since last year?) then the fuel will "glaze" in the carburettor, forming a varnish like covering over the needle valve and stopping any fresh fuel from getting through. This isn't deadly to your engine but will mean the carb. needs stripping down and cleaning. If you don't feel up to doing this yourself then take it to a "back street" mechanic who you trust and get them to do it for you. My motorbike carbs were stuffed up like this but I did the job myself and it worked a treat!

10 Aug, 2010

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