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looking for perinal plant that gives some colour but more importantly will grow under well kept conifur tree's approx 6ft high. the problem i share said trees with next door but as my garden is lower i have gaps in trees therefore looking for plant that will proved ground cover and grow 8"to say a foot . hope this makes sense and many thanks



Sounds like a job for Hypericum calycinum, though I never recommend it for any other reason. Even that, if you plant it too close to the roots of the conifers, won't like it there. If you're planting 3 feet from the trees, you can use some of the taller Cranesbill Geraniums such as Johnson's Blue, or Sarcococcus, which is an evergreen shrub - one of the varieties doesn't get more than about a foot or so.

9 Aug, 2010


Vinca will grow under conifers and has pretty blue flowers. However, beware as it is a rampant spreader ( a bit like ivy) and you will be forever cutting it back from areas where you don't want it.

10 Aug, 2010


And it doesn't get more than 6 inches high, spreading out across the ground rather than growing up (Vinca, I mean). Hypericum calycinum will need to be checked in its spread as well, will try to creep forward to a lighter area.

10 Aug, 2010

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