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Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

we have planted sea holly for the first time. the problem we have is that the flower heads are covered in blue bottles. has anyone got any ideas. thanks



How extraordinary - I've grown these plants for years and never had a problem with bluebottles on the flowers. Has something been spilt or dropped onto them, like fruit juice or wine or something?

9 Aug, 2010


Very odd, like Bamboo we've grown for years and never had that problem. I wonder if something has died at the base of the plant...

9 Aug, 2010


I haven't noticed myself but apparently they have a rather unpleasant aroma.This would be what attracts the flies and bluebottles.Fortunately they are pollinating just as bees and butterflies do :)

9 Aug, 2010


Yes but then you'd think we'd all notice flies on these flowers, and we don't. Its not as if London doesn't have bluebottles, lol!

9 Aug, 2010


I have noticed flies but not the smell.Maybe it depends what other delicacies there are to land on lol :)

9 Aug, 2010


I suppose that you are not going to get too near to smell them, are you?

9 Aug, 2010

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