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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, can you help me please. We have a tree in our garden that seems to be a cherry tree. They look like cherries and I have carefully tasted a bit of one - it tastes like and the flesh looks like a cherry, but I am not sure. It is producing so well that if they are ok, I wouldn't want to miss out on harvesting them. I have attached some photo's of them and the leaves to help. Thanks so much. Ian Mynott

Image001 Image002 Image005



it looks as if its with lots of other trees, could it be prunus avium or the bird cherry, especially if its a tall tree

9 Aug, 2010


It could be a wild cherry, or gean, we had one in our garden for years until it got too big for its boots. If so the fruit will taste very sweet - enjoy!

9 Aug, 2010


I thought Bird Cherry but the fruit tastes horrible - to put it kindly!

9 Aug, 2010

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