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By Mike52

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I have recently moved to Cornwall and need to get plenty of organic matter into a rather tired garden soil. In the past I have used well rotted horse manure mixed with straw. Can I use cow manure instead ? I know the source is an organic herd.



Yes, as long as it's well-rotted - unless you're not going to plant anything until the spring, that is...the 'raw' manure might burn the roots of anything planted before then.

8 Aug, 2010


Many thanks

8 Aug, 2010


Hi Mike & welcome to GoY, is there anywhere near you growing mushrooms commercially? Spent mushroom compost is good too. There is also a company making an extremely good compost/soil improver from sheep's wool and bracken, we saw them at Gardening Scotland called Dalefoot and came away with sample tubs, which have not yet been used, The compost was a good friable mix and smelt great too..

8 Aug, 2010

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