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can anyone tell me what the white powder is on my begonias and the leaves are turning a funny colour.THANKS



Yes, some of mine are as well - it's mildew, and I don't think there's much we can do about it. I was intending to remove the afflicted plants to a sheltered spot out of view, and then dry them off in the autumn as usual. I'm not sure that any treatment at this stage will help.

8 Aug, 2010


There seems to be a mildew about now. I had it on the outer leaves of a potted Heuchera before there was any rain. All I could do was remove the affected leaves, as there were lots left in the middle. So far it seems OK. The secondary leaves on the Aquilegias seem to be affected too. so they will be taken off too.

8 Aug, 2010


You could try spraying with an appropriate fungicide, one that treats for mildew. That's what I'm doing on my Verbenas currently.

8 Aug, 2010

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