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Whwn & how do I prune my jostaberry to get an annual crop and a jostaberry that is under control?



An odd beastie! A cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry - though I have no idea why anyone would want to create such a cross! Seems like it takes around 5 years to get any fruit from and you have to prune hard...

6 Aug, 2010


It is a weird plant. It makes a potent sauce with a really strong blackcurrant taste. My sister in law says it makes good jam. My brother says you can strike cuttings very easily. It fruits on old wood, but only once, so tricky to manage. If you have room have 2 trees and whack one back and let the other fruit, then when the second one has old wood it will fruit and cut the other one back. At least it keeps them from getting out of hand and taking up too much space. I think. I blame my brother he gave me the innocent looking cutting in a small least it has no thorns.

6 Aug, 2010


Think I'll give a miss to this particular bush,,,

6 Aug, 2010


Thanks a lot - I'll give anything a try!

8 Aug, 2010

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