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does anyone know how to look after verbascum olympicum, Mullein. My plants grew to six ft or more, now I have chopped the stalks off at the bottom as they have finished. Will they grow on thier own for next year? What happens next?



It is a perennial and will grow next year if you want it to continue. It may well self seed too if you are not a tidy up type gardener. All these mulleins have a large footprint, and make a good winter presence, if the dead flower heads are left on the plant. They are tough plants but may need to be substituted after 2-3 years as they lose condition. That's where the self seeding helps.

6 Aug, 2010


Thanks Doriac,that is great news, it was like a fantastic yellow candalarbra(not sure on spelling) shooting up above every other plant. Unfortunately yesterday I cut the thick stems off as it had finished flowering, does this mean it wont flower as big next year? Looking at the stems now on the patio, can I do anything with what look like thousands of green seed pods still on the branches.?

7 Aug, 2010


Maybe if you hang up the flowering stems to dry, they might release seeds that you can either sow or throw some of them near the plant and see if any of them come up. It strengthens most plants to have dead flowering stems removed. They are not wasting energy making seed. It may even try to bloom again if you feed and water it. No harm done.

7 Aug, 2010


Hi Doriac, thanks a lot for getting back to me,now I can deal with the stalkes my husband will be pleased I have insisted he walkes around them untill I heard something back.
I will take your advice and hopefully let you know in the future how things develope.

thanks again

8 Aug, 2010

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