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how to control blackfly on green beans



Hi Mandy,the best way i have found is to give them a sharp spray with the hose pipe or spray them with a solution of washing up liquid and water.other than that i can't help. by the way welcome to GOY i'm sure you will enjoy it.

6 Aug, 2010


Hi Mandy,

You obviously want to steer well clear of anything toxic on an edible crop like your beans, but there are a variety of vegetable or plant based sprays that you can either buy or make yourself.

There's a good article on Ecocharlie with a variety of suggestions - see:

The best options might well be a vegetable-based washing up liquid solution - something like Ecover is ideal, but do not use a regular detergent based washing up liquid as these are extremely bad for soil micro-organisms and do not break down easily in the environment.

Alternatively many of the plant-based home made sprays work very well. I like the idea of using the natural defences of one plant (like Chilli, Garlic or Rhubarb) to protect another too.

6 Aug, 2010


We've found that using the garlic spray has deterred the bugs on the brassicas. Our broad beans seem not to have too much of a problem! But Ilex's advice is good!

6 Aug, 2010

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