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anyone know what the purple leaved plant is,No sign of any flowers yet.Thanks




Eupatorium? Or possibly that new form of Lysimachia with purple leaves, can't remember what its called? That should have flowered by now though, Eupatorium's later. Unless its a shrub, can't tell from here, lol! Is it a perennial or shrub scabious?

2 Aug, 2010


A perennial I think Bamboo.It was in another,never very much seen,part of my garden,and when the shoots started showing earlier in the year I transplanted it.Maybe thats why it has flowered.Will google Eupatorium and see if I recognise it.thanks

2 Aug, 2010


I agree. That was the first thought even before seeing your post Bamboo. I think it could possibly be E. rugosum 'Chocolate'

2 Aug, 2010


THANKS Bamboo and Fractal.........Just had a good look at my plant and it is 3x planted together. then googled the E.rugosum and now await the late flowers.....another plant id and logged.

3 Aug, 2010


If it grows vertically readily from seed it could be Mountain Spinach also called Orach also Atriplex. Edible raw or cooked. 4ft high in 6 weeks from seed !

19 Jun, 2011

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