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Some advice please.The planting around my little stream/waterfall always looks good in winter and spring,with evergreen,heathers and daffodils.At this time of the year is is lacking in colour....any ideas to brighten it up




Fuchsias are good from late July onwards, in flower till the frosts - have a look at Madame Cornelissen, Lady Thumb, Alice Fisk or Margaret Hunt, they're hardy ones if they're planted in the ground and they don't get too huge. Liriope's another good little plant, has mauve spikes in early autumn, hardy. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' if you like it, that's a late flowerer, Red Admiral butterflies love it. A few Crocosmia such as Red Devil or Lucifer for colour in July, though they're just finishing now, these are corms, so easy to shove in, and hardy. Rudbeckias give late golden colours - most are said to be annuals, but I find they just keep going, so have a look at R. hirta varieties such as Goldsturm etc.

2 Aug, 2010


thats some list Bamboo.Thanks.I have lots of sedum in other parts of the garden will go and "pinch" most of the ground is covered with heathers etc will need something to plant underneath to come through.Like the sound of fuchias is lady thumb small?will have to google it.Such a lot to learn.... but enjoying this site to do it.

2 Aug, 2010


Google them all - there's one called Tom Thumb which is really small, but quite honestly, in your garden, a bush that gets 12 inches won't be a problem anyway, and the flowers will be more noticeable, None of these gets to be 5 foot monsters because they're not species Fuchsia, they're cultivars.
I forgot to say there's one with yellow leaves called "Genii" and bear in mind they often get killed back to the ground in winter, and actually grow better if you chop them right down or certainly by half in April anyway.

2 Aug, 2010


thanks,know where I am going to plant a fuchsia just need to decide which one.
Are there any clemetis that will grown along the ground and intertwine with the foiliage?

2 Aug, 2010


Not really - you'd need something like Jackmanii for late flowering, and that gets pretty big and will smother everything. There are herbaceous clematis available though with different flowering times, they don't twine amongst anything, just free standing.

2 Aug, 2010


Why not some late summer/autumn flowering gentians. Our first one, Gentiana suendermanii is in full flower now and will be followed by G. angustifolia then G. septemfida. These will be followed through October by G. sino-ornata and its various cultivars. Lovely blue colours and low growing.

2 Aug, 2010


thanks Bulbaholic,I havent many blue plants in my garden but just looked Gentiana up.Very striking colours. liked the strathmore too.

2 Aug, 2010


I absolutely love Gentians -never yet managed to keep one more than 2 months. My favourite's G. sino ornata, stunning.

3 Aug, 2010

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