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Is bonemeal used when planting a rose?



If I remember correctly, it can be used with roses. I would have to check as I still have the tags in the garden by my roses, as they are only young.

If I remeber corectly though it did say mix in bonemeal. It usually says on the tag with the pot.

2 Aug, 2010


You can use if it you like, or if you have it already - if you don't have it already, don't waste your money, buy Fish Blood and Bone instead.

2 Aug, 2010


Bamboo, what is the difference between Fish, Blood and Bone and Bonemeal?...I keep meaning to look it up!

2 Aug, 2010


The fish and blood element break down much quicker and so are more readily available for the plants to make use of - bonemeal takes years and years and years and breaks down very, very slowly and from what I gathered during my training (to my shock, read my blog "On Bonemeal") its not much use to anything, but is a useful way of getting rid of bone.

2 Aug, 2010


Ah! ....Thanks for that! My dad always used to use bonemeal...and I hated the smell as a child! I have been buying Fish, Blood and Bone for a long time now....glad I did! Interesting blog, Bamboo!

2 Aug, 2010


I suppose bonemeal is used for long term plants that will be neding its nutrients for years.

3 Aug, 2010

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