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Hi,I have acer tree

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have acer tree, I do not know why it is always small 30cm hight, never grow each year in winter lose the leaves then start new red in spring. but same hight for around 4 years now?
sorry i have only this picture

On plant ////my Acer in the lower left corner




Hmmmm is it a japanese variety and have you grown it in pot.If its grown in pot Japanese acer require a low Ph and acid soil they prefer.

If it the large tree Acer and its been growning and just slowed down it could be an idicaion of clay soils or whats called a clay pan beneath soil level. The roots can grow happilly and hit this clay pan then it caused the tree to stunt the grow. It could be a number of reason and would be interested in it condition please

1 Aug, 2010


sounds healthy but a bit slow to me ellwood but your probably right.

1 Aug, 2010


no, no, the soil where i put my acer, is perfect because i planted 2 or 3 trees and roses, in the same part of my garden all is perfect except the acer!!!

1 Aug, 2010


there not renouned for growing especialy quickly ehsanraya . it looks ok to me from what i can see .

2 Aug, 2010


Just because the soil is good for roses and other trees does not mean it is good for your acer. The tree is deciduous so you would expect all the leaves to be shed in winter. The fact is has made no grow makes me wonder if you teased the roots out of the rootball when you planted it. Often when you buy a tree or shrub from a nursery it is 'pot bound' i.e. the roots just about fill the pot. Prior to planting you need to un-pot the tree/shrub and soak overnight in a large bucket of water, you will then be able to gently tease the roots out from the tight root ball. Did you plant in acidic/ericaceous compost and mulch the top? Does it get any shade and is it in a windy area of your garden? The border it is in looks very narrow - if you could extend it a bit it would help the tree.

2 Aug, 2010


thx all for your reply , actually moon, I did remove all the borders now.

Regarding the acidity of the soil, i am not sure, well could you please suggest me how to increase the acidity of the soil?

2 Aug, 2010


Did you mean you had enlarged the border Ehsanraya? And you haven't answered my questions regarding whether you teased open the root ball before planting. You can buy ericaceous compost at any garden centre and this should be forked in round the tree.

2 Aug, 2010


No moon, I did not enlarged the borders, but I removed the small wooden fence which appeared in the picture.
regarding the roots, no i did not teased them as you said in your previous replay!! :(

2 Aug, 2010


Then in about a month you need to lift the tree and check whether the roots are still in a tight ball or not. If they are follow my advice above.

3 Aug, 2010

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