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algarve, Portugal Pt

my first time growing tomatoes "roma vf" have round darke patches at the end, first I thought an insect or other animal does this, but now I'm not sure, also they are very small. Can somebody tell me what I've done wrong ? Too little or too much water, or ..........



it sounds like your tomatoes have got blossom end rot , this is caused by letting the compost dry out.Are they in the greenhouse and do you feed them.?

1 Aug, 2010


Thanks for replying, they are in open ground and now I started watering them twice a day, because of temperatures in 30ÂșC, hope the other new tomatoes will be ok. I'm feeding "biorgano" which is a granulated multi organic stuff, but don't know how many times I have to put those.
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2 Aug, 2010

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