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By Brivin

Gwent, United Kingdom Gb

what is the secret when growing blackcurrant bushes mine grew over 2 metres high with little or no fruit, when & how do you prune.
thanks brilynn



Blackcurrants need a ph of 6.5, in well drained soil, and gallons of water after they've flowered, plus feeding regularly with a compound fertiliser from spring onwards, at the rate according to the instructions on the bottle/box of product you buy.
When first planted, they should be buried a little deeper than they were supplied, to encourage new stems to form - in ordinary soil, all growth should be cut down at planting time to about an inch from the ground, if the soil is enriched or good, half that height. Pruning after that consists of removing back to a nub of 1 inch (in November/December) 1 in 4 of the stems, removing dead, diseased or damaged wood first.

4 Aug, 2010


thanks very much for your advice but could you please elaborate a little more on the pruning,once again thanks looking forward to a little bit more advice as we are both very much begineers. brivin

9 Aug, 2010


Well I'll try - count four stems, cut one of them down to one inch, count another four stems, cut one of them down to one inch and so on.

9 Aug, 2010


how short do i cut the remaining 3 stems? at the moment they are over 2mteres high,that was the core of my question.
thanks brivin

10 Aug, 2010


It may be that because you didn't cut the whole thing down at planting time originally, that's why you have this problem now. No guidance given on long stems like you describe - think I'd be inclined to cut the whole lot down and see what happens next year.

10 Aug, 2010


o.k.thanks for your help. brivin

12 Aug, 2010

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