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Can you tell me why all my cauliflowers have presented open heads and are spreading out on stalks. There isn't one head amongst them. What have I done wrong.



Cauliflowers need a lot of feeding and watering to produce the one big tight 'curd' rather than lots of little ones. We regularly have a challenge to grow.

28 Jul, 2010


dad always ued to call this " bolting " or bolted to seed usualy not been kept wet enough different varietys are worse than others

28 Jul, 2010


they prefer quite heavy soil and need to be realy firmed in when planted, the size of the flower / curd does not increase once formed and can vary from golf ball size upto small football like the supermarket ones if they are small just crop a few to make a boiling ( oops sorry that should be blanching as crunchy is tastiest ) lol

28 Jul, 2010


The heat you folks have been having hasn't helped curd formation either. That's a regular problem here with the ones that mature too late in the spring.

28 Jul, 2010

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