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Hallo, i bought 3 Fatsia from homebase planted 1 in boarder other 2 in very large pots for the patio- 2 weeks ago my 3 yr old pulled one of the plants leaves off and since then the plant has dropped (gone limp) and some of the leaves are brown and yellow- I am really upset about it, as its such a shame as the other two have grown a lot and have really filled out. Any ideas, Many thanks



i wonder if it is the apparent leaf that is the problem . i think your 3 year old got a leaf of easily because it was already ill . i wonder was it the one in the soil rather than the pot that has died ? if im right its the one in the boarder and the soil is dryer or wetter than the potted plants . thats my guess realy . there normaly quite tough plants . it has been hot and it is quite shocking being moved. it mite not have been treated very well before you got it . the point being is a healthy fatsia can easily handle losing a leaf . ive seen one get quite butcherd almost to the floar and come back . i have a fatsia and make concrete sculptures . when i make these sculptures i dont like wasting the left over cement so i cut leaves of my fatsia for a mould . i would investigate past the fallen leaf myself .

27 Jul, 2010


NP is quite right fatsias well able to cope with losing leaves in fact as they grow the bottom tier of leaves fade brown off and drop naturally.

I used to live in a house with a large victorian conservatory and the floor was covered in discarded leaves the fatsia had grown into a tree and had to saw it to prune it thats how robust they eventually become dont panic it takes many decades to reach that size .

27 Jul, 2010


lol bonkers

28 Jul, 2010


my fatsia is about 7`-8` tall and ive had it about 10 years from a little plant . i love it .

28 Jul, 2010


If its small enough to handle easily, turn it out of its pot, check the compost for pests - larvae, beetles, anything like that, even ants nest. While you're at it, check the dryness or not of the rootball.

28 Jul, 2010

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