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my lawson cyprus which is in a pot in the garden has turned brown just on one side. any ideas on what has caused this



It could be a cat spraying urine to mark its territory. How high does the brown extend? If its more than four foot, I would lock the doors at night! Lol

27 Jul, 2010


Lol, Fractal, but I want to know which side has gone brown, the one facing the sun, or the one in the dark, say against a fence or wall. Or is it standing in an open area, so all sides are equal. If its close to a fence or wall and you don't turn it periodically, that could cause browning on one side.

27 Jul, 2010


thanks lol, I dont think its a cat....the side that has turned brown is facing the sun its standing in the open,but the brown side gets the sun most of the that side faces east.

27 Jul, 2010


its not a dog either i guess ie a male dog to be precise lol ?

27 Jul, 2010


well we've had some very, very hot sun in recent weeks -if the pot was a bit dry, the growth on that side could have gone brown quite easily - the needles on a conifer transpire all the time, losing moisture, so its quite possible that's what happened.

28 Jul, 2010

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