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By Ettelam

Washington, United States Us

I have a 10 foot kangaroo apple that was grown by a friend in his green house. now its in the 80's here and the leaves are looking burnt and yellow. I have it under a covered porch out of direct sun, the flowers and fruits are producing well and its watered deeple once a week. any suggestions why this is or how to fix it? I live on the east side of the state with very little humidity also.



Welcome, Ettelam!
In July, in eastern Washington, I would expect to need to water it at least every three days, depending on the size of pot and the soil mix. It may also need feeding, since plants in containers need a more regular supply of nutrients than plants that can send their roots out looking for them. If you can add a picture to your post, I might be able to tell you which nutrients in particular are missing.

17 Jul, 2010


Thanks, I have been watering more often lately. It got very healthy fruit and flowers, but leaves are yellow and burnt looking. i will get a picture up. I had a smaller one last year. It did fine. It was out in the sun too.

18 Jul, 2010

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