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I have four obergines and four peppers growing in a polythene greenhouse. All the plants look well. The peppers are flowering and fruit is forming.
The aubergines are flowering and the flowers are just staying there awhile then dropping off. What am I doing wrong please?



Do bees have access to the flowers, Lorraine? Peppers are a little more self pollinating than aubergines. If pollination is wanted, take a Q-tip (or your fingertip) and touch the front of each flower lightly, alternating between bushes, early in the morning. Aubergines are also a little more sensitive to extreme temperatures than peppers, so if the greenhouse gets very hot during the day, the pollen may be killed, and you will need to contrive ventilation to get fruit..

17 Jul, 2010


Thank you for your helpfull reply. I will certainly try to polinate them myself. I leave the door open often so that polinating insects can get in but I have noticed that there are fewer bees in our garden this year.

18 Jul, 2010

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