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What's eating my cherry tree?

I've noticed that mt Cherry Tree leaves are being eaten and the cherries seen to disappear overnight. I've never seen bugs or birds on the tree but I have noticed ants climbing up and down the trunk. The trunk also appears to be suffering with lots of sap, not sure it that is natural. Any advice for me? I've attached photos. Thanks

100_0846 100_0847



the trunk seams ok . how are you . believe it or not its probably pidgeon,starling or crow types believe it or not . they come at first light every morning like herons do in your pond .the leaves id ask about . maybe ask bamboo she will know im sure .

17 Jul, 2010


Thanks Noseypotter :)

17 Jul, 2010


With all due respect, if I say the trunk is ok,then I would not be ok. It is iether trunk rot or trunk injury. If it is injury it will hopefully heal,if it is rot,
one has to investigate further.Only woodpeckers get hold of upright trunks,
at much higher places. As for the leaves I notice a track of an insect which
hatches and eat its way to maturity in the leaves flesh.(the s-shape line on the big leaf on the right). This insect is called 'leaf miner'.An insecticide should be sprayed in early spring.As for the ants, well they climb to make a feast of the residue of these insects, which is sweet.

17 Jul, 2010


If that trunk were on a peach tree, I would be trying to treat it for flat-headed borers right now. Don't know whether cherries get them, or if borers exist in the UK--if they don't, count your blessings!

17 Jul, 2010


looks like its been cut i guess

17 Jul, 2010

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