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We want to build a patio close to our prunus cerasifera, we have lived here 10 years and the tree was 30ft high when we arrived. We are concerend about the roots i.e. if we have to cut through some to dig up the ground - can anyone offer advise/warnings etc May thanks Lynn

On plant Prunus cerasifera



i realy think you should contact a tree surgeon for the answer for your question

17 Jul, 2010


Have you thought about decking?, you don't have to dig round the tree, it can be supported by concrete blocks underneath and the tree will still get water through the cracks.

17 Jul, 2010


good thinkin doc yet again you got the answer my friend . i hope your well mate and enjoying the weather.

17 Jul, 2010


Well it's just a suggestion Leigh, I'm well thanks, thank you for asking. The weather has been a bit hot for me, but at least I've got a good suntan. Hope you're well.

17 Jul, 2010


ow you should get ya bikini out doc lol you take care mate its still better than ice lol .

17 Jul, 2010


How wonderful is this, to be able to ask for help! Thanks for replies - we don't want decking as it won't go with the house and garden - will contact a tree surgeon and re-think plans.


17 Jul, 2010


You can go for a metal frame to suspend your patio on, this needs a small amount of supports and you save on a concrete base. I have seen a sponge rubber base used also which lasted many years until the house fell into developers hands.

17 Jul, 2010

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