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By Hoppit

Isle of Man Unknown

i have recently grown potatoes in a container.
sadly all have several spots of what looks like rot.




15 Jul, 2010


Go to my photo page (click on my picture and click photos) on the bottom row of page three is two photos of blight, one on a tomato and one of a potato. compare the two and if you think it is blight then I think you have two choices.

1) give the plants a liberal soaking in Bordeaux mix and hope for the best.

2) dig the lot out and burn/bin them. Don't put them in your compost as the bacteria can survive for several years in the soil and you will infect all of your garden with it.

15 Jul, 2010


Oh and don't grow any more potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers in the same place for around 7 years. (I think this is right but hopefully someone will put us both right!)

15 Jul, 2010

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