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Whats the proper way to plant cuecumber seeds?



it will be different for you than me as I start in the spring and use a propagator to provoide the heat as its too cold even in a greenhouse to germinate them, but I'd put them in a cellular seed tray, one to a large cell (12 to a tray possibly) and then when they have a good root system put them where you are going to grow them bearing in mind they will need some support

15 Jul, 2010


Plant the seed on it's side, this will help prevent rotting. I always germinate mine in a dark, warm room with a constant temp between 20 - 25 degrees centigrade. I cover mine with cling film/ plastic food wrap to keep the moisture in. Keep an eye on them and as soon as they appear take them out and let the light in but keep them warm still!

15 Jul, 2010

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