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Hi everyone! My question is: I have grown old fashioned marigolds 'Calendula' successfully from seed, at long last. What I want to know is, what you can do with them regarding eating them? What part can you eat. Is it just the petals or whatever. I've been told the petals make a salad colourful. But apart from not poisoning us Lol. I wondered what else I could do with them. Thanks :o)



It's only the petals, though the whole plant is edible. You might try the leaves as a salad but I expect they don't taste wonderful. This website has some useful info:

Using the flowers to colour rice orange is a good idea and much cheaper than using saffron.

15 Jul, 2010


Thanks Bertie. Have been meaning to ask you a question I previously asked on the site, only got one reply, but I don't think they understood my question. I have redcurrant and blackcurrant bushes. One of each. This year for some unknown reason, the blackcurrant bush produced red. The reply I had was that this couldn't happen unless they had been grafted. They haven't, and I've checked them to see if they've spread, but 'nope' there are still only 1 of each and I can get beween them, hold the spreading branches up, and they are about 4 ft away from each other, so would be glad if you came up with the answer. I've actually got a recent pic uploaded of how red they were. :o))

15 Jul, 2010

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