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Bee question

Essex, England Eng

I have several strawberry plants in approx 3l pots. Today when watering them a rather big bee flew out. I did apologise to her/him and she/he came back and went to another strawberry plant and proceeded to bury itself in the soil. I'm not sure how far down the bee went but it must of stayed buried for half an hour or so and then came back up and flew off. Before I saw it bury itself I did think it was coincidence that I had also seen a rather large bee yesterday on my strawberry plants. What was it up to??



Did you read Seaburngirl's question - maybe it was a Leafcutter Bee you saw or a Miner Bee maybe?

11 Jul, 2010


I did read it but thought the tubes were part of the begonia - teach me to read questions properly!! If it was the Leafcutter Bee would this explain the mysterious bites out of the leaves on my Euonymus? I was quite fascinated by this bee today.

11 Jul, 2010


I stopped watering one end of my sink troughs in one corner. There was a bee going in and out for some time. Several of them nest in the ground, according to my Bee book. They like mouseholes and birds nests too. We had a bee used to make a nest in a metal pipe about 2 inches diameter leaning in a corner of our greenhouse.....there was a bee there every year.

11 Jul, 2010


the bees cut almost perfect circular holes out of a leaf. I have managed to rescue most of the leafnests today. neighbours now convinced I am mad :o)

11 Jul, 2010


Have to water plants carefully then, glad you found your leafnests SBG

11 Jul, 2010

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