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Back in April we purchased a Williams Pear Tree. Over the last couple of months the leaves have curled though they look healthy and I can see no Aphids anywhere. Can anyone advise me what the problem is?



You don't say if in pot or ground. There has been practically no rain worth speaking of for weeks on end, and powerful sunshine, so the pear is having a hard time getting going. New planted pears are very sensitive to water shortage for 2-3 years. Root stock can vary in vigour to supply nutrients and water. Try sinking as large a drinks bottle as you can find near the pear root neck down, bottom cut off, and deliver water direct to root.

11 Jul, 2010


Thank you very much for your response.
I love your little picture!
Strangely enough yesterday I dug a little
hole next to the tree and whilst diging I
found that the soil on the surface was
rock hard as it is clay. Once I dug down
a little I found my original compost and
poured some water with my home made
liquid compost into it. No change today
but I will continue work and try your
suggestion. By the way I presume that
the lack of rain could also be the cause
of our mini cherrys, some shrivelled?
Though I have watered. I am never sure
how much water to pour on each day.
All our fruit trees are in the ground. Our
2 mimature apple trees seem laden and
By the way I am 65 and also grow our
own vegetables and have Tomatoes,
Aubergines, and Grapes in our
Greenhouse. Thanks again and kind
regards, Monkey888

11 Jul, 2010


I have a miniature pear that nearly died in ordinary summer weather. I water it into a large container and it is cropping well this year. The other miniatures have always been more resilient. We used to have an orchard with huge pears. It can be difficult getting miniature pears not to overcrop and wear themselves out in the first years. The picture was in the school I started gardening early. The school has just been pulled down after about 106 years. My aunt went there soon after it opened and she's 102! When we went to a special function there to mark closure, two other people had brought in the same picture and named me.

12 Jul, 2010


Thanks. Unfortunately the Williams Pear
we bought is not a mimature so that
option is out. Our Apple and Cherry trees
are minatures and the Apples are fine.
The cherry is suffering.
We have continued to pour water as
near to the roots as possible on the
Williams but so far no change in the
curly leaves. We are now fighting black
fly on the Runner Beans! The gardeners
work is never done!
Lovely story about your school photo.
Best wishes,

12 Jul, 2010

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