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black specks.

Inverness-Shire, United Kingdom Gb
As you can see the new growth is covered in tiny black specks on the leaves and blotches on the stems. It isn't insects.
What's wrong with it please?

I see now that the url isn't a link. I don't want to post a picture because it's big - it needs to be. Please copy and paste into your browser.

On plant Stephanotis



Hi Dorchester,

Your Stephanotis has either a fungal or more likely bacterial infection. Copper based fungicides are widely available and are effective against both bacteria and fungi, so this is probably your best course of action.

Spray the plant (both affected and unaffected parts) 2 or three times leaving approx a week in between each application. This should prevent the spread but won't "cure" the already damaged leaves, which will eventually die away and fall off or which can be cut away now if there are only a few, as it appears from your pic. Either way make sure you collect and dispose of them away from this and other plants.

9 Jul, 2010


Thank you, I'll do that. It's only the new growth that's affected, so I'll cut it all off.
The only plants in close proximity are geraniums which appear to be bombproof. :)
Should I spray the compost as well? I know some spray will land on it, but is that enough?

9 Jul, 2010


The copper will act as a general disinfectant, so, yes, it's well worth spraying the compost too.

9 Jul, 2010



9 Jul, 2010

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