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i bought a potted calla lily with cream flowers.since potting it outside the flowers are emerging but are appearing green?any help would be appreciated



The spathes are not actually flowers, they are modified leaves (the true flowers are tiny and held deep within the spathes) and under certain circumstances the plants will fill them with chlorophyll so that they can photosynthesize and act like the rest of the leaves.

Some varieties of Zantedeschia have spathes that are supposed to be stained with green (i.e. they were selected for this quality) but they can also do it when grown in too shady a location or when they are entering dormancy. If your plant has been grown in hot-house conditions but you've now placed it outside then the shift in temperature will probably have triggered an early dormancy.

9 Jul, 2010


thanks so much

9 Jul, 2010

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