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Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have tiny black beetles eating the hearts of my runner bean flowers, how do I get rid of them please. Thanks Elaine



This is blackfly, spray with an insecticide.

6 Jul, 2010


I wouldnt if you are going to eat them? try hosing or spraying with soapy water that controls them for me

7 Jul, 2010


Hi Elaine,

I would agree with Drc, you definitely don't want to be using insecticide on an edible crop. Your insects could well be pollen beetles or black-fly - Google each and see what your's most closely resemble.

Soapy water works by smothering aphids so that they can't breathe - though if you go down this route do make sure it's a vegetable based soap (like Ecover) or you risk doing more harm to the plant itself - anti bacterial soaps can cause major damage in particular.

You might also be interested in some of these other natural options in this Ecocharlie article:

I do like the idea of using plant based sprays (Garlic, Chilli, Rhubarb etc.) to help protect other plants, and there's no possibility of contamination or damaging the natural predators either.

8 Jul, 2010

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