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Could anyone ID this plant which has just appeared. It's about 6 foot high with a very strong stem and a flowering head which has just developed.

Garden_plant_1 Garden_plant_2 Garden_plant_head



Looks like an an Allium to me, but I'm no expert so I'll stand corrected if it's not! Wait till the little flowers on the main ball come out and check out Allium pictures online.

4 Jul, 2010


Looks like an allium to me too. By the height I would say you have a nice purple one on the way, be it a bit late? The leaves will start to die off before it flowers.

4 Jul, 2010


Certainly an Allium and very like the one I am waiting on, to see what it is when it finally opens. Like you I do not remember planting it.

4 Jul, 2010


it looks like a leek coming into flower. I have several that never got picked. wether they are leeks you will have to wait and see. Definitely an allium however.

4 Jul, 2010


Allium, as to which - not a clue!

4 Jul, 2010


Welcome to Goy. I think at that height it could well be a leek which has gone to seed but if so you would have been aware of it before now I think. They are members of the allium family and you can collect the seed and plant next year. At over six feet it will be interesting to see what size the flower head is when it comes fully out.

5 Jul, 2010


Thanks very much for those comments - it's solved the mystery - but I've no idea where it's come from!

7 Jul, 2010


Discovered to day there is a 'giant' onion! So maybe it is that.

7 Jul, 2010

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