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I planted a climbing rose last yr. This yr it is developing multiple clusters of leaves but no BUDS!!! Seems to be only foliage. Any advice?



id say its still a bit young to flower is all.

30 Jun, 2010


Which rose is it, Razia? And are you feeding it with anything, and if so, what?

30 Jun, 2010


I can't recall the name of the rose but it was definately a climber.
Im feeding it miracle gro ( rose and shrub)
Its also pretty infested with green fly so Im spraying it with a one of the rose sprays which covers many pests.

Noseypotter I hope you are right:)

2 Jul, 2010


ow dont worry id bet you it was age if you were here as long as it looks healthy . be posative its all going to be alright trust me lol .

2 Jul, 2010


Miracle gro make two different ones for rose and shrub - one is slow release ,the other isn't, and the slow release one is one application a year, and the second one is twice a year (April and June probably) so if you're using it more than that, stop.

4 Jul, 2010


thank you........

4 Jul, 2010

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