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how to look after house plants



depends on the plant. most come with a basic type of instructions. which plants are you growing?

28 Jun, 2010


It depends where the plant originates from. Some of the foliage houseplants come from tropical/ subtropical origins, many grow in partially shaded areas under trees and can tolerate the lower levels of light, which makes them more tolerant of the lower light levels inside a house.

The basics are placing it correctly- give it plenty of light, so right beside a window is good, not too much direct sun, out of draughts, not above a radiator where it will dry out too much, not where it it will brushed past all the time, water when the top of the compost is a little dry, and don't let the pot stand in water as you will kill the roots, and check it looks healthy and doesn't have pests, and feed it regularly in the growing season.

However this would not suit some plants. Some plants need to be kept moist all the time,some actually live in water, some plants like cactus like hot and dry environments and will die with overwatering, some like warmth during the day and a drop in temperature at night, some cannot cope with central heating, some hate sun, some love sun, some need humidity, some don't, and so on.

28 Jun, 2010

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