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Bare looking trees!


By Rudy

California, United States Us

HI There,
I have three potato plant trees and I've trimmed & trimmed them and they do not grow back very full! They look very empty and bare. What can I do to help make these trees look fuller and beautiful again?

Mr Silva

Thanks for the tips!

Plenty of water. food?, what type?

I will let it grow out for this season and see what happens next year. I'm trying to shape them into spheres.

Thanks to the both of you on my photo. I'll try t get more in soon. Thanks again.

On plant Solanum



Sounds as if they lack food and water.

28 Jun, 2010


That's probably because they don't like regular trimming really. This species is better left to grow a full season untrimmed and then prune back the most vigorous stems later to encourage more stems.

Are you trying to trim them to a formal shape? This will not work very well on this plant though there are several other shrubby Solanum's that you could do this with instead just not for S. crispum though.

28 Jun, 2010

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