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On plant Hesperis matronalis



this might sound silly , i read this recently in a gardening magazine.
Cats hate citrus peel.
But the only plant is cat grass.that i know of

When guests ask questions also could you make it a bit clearer please

28 Jun, 2010


I no of no plant that will stop a cat coming into a garden! But they like freshly dug ground and a bit of room, so dont dig and fill with plants is one way to deter them.

28 Jun, 2010


Cayenne pepper is another smell they don't like...

28 Jun, 2010


hi, i saw a cat in my garden and was thinking about this as well until i saw a mouse in the neighbourhood garden and few days later i saw this mouse dead in my garden. i believe this cat may have been coming after the mouse.

i have also dug ground so maybe it was due to that.

28 Jun, 2010


In my blog about a cat birding in my garden. Calico cat just sat somewhere else, away from the citrus peel. Then, when it lost its pong, she actually sat on it to show who is really in charge! I have put pepper down, as it is so dry, in her lurking places. The other morning I scored a direct hit with water from a small can I happened to be carrying. There is an electric cat scarer also there. She takes no notice. Spooky cat who works the road for stroking, water and titbits, haunts workmen with their sandwhiches, floated through the lounge last night and calmly walked upstairs. Wafting her magnificent tail she sailed back down again, 'not bad ' she seemed to say 'but I've seen better, lovely, in hot weather, I can have a good nosey parker'.

28 Jun, 2010


curry plants, lavender and garlic are helpful as well as mint (but make sure this is in pots as it will spread)

14 Aug, 2010


Thats not my experience Lorrane my cat loves mint and he and next doors cats all sit by the Lavender hedge while I garden. But I have noticed they do not go in the beds with Alliums in?

14 Aug, 2010

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