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I have a5year old Victoria Plum tree. Its first year it had a little blossom followed by a little fruit. Since then there has been no blossom. In the neighbourhood there are lots of plum trees. Please can someone advise me. Is the tree ever likely to fruit? Do I need to take action?



do you ever prune it ?

27 Jun, 2010


Yes I have. Do I need to be more drastic? Thanks for replying.

28 Jun, 2010


well if there anything like cherries the plums and blossom is only on last years growth so if your pruning it your effectivly not allowing it to flower etc . if you dont get a good answer on here i would google about plum trees myself.

28 Jun, 2010



29 Jun, 2010


your welcome .

29 Jun, 2010

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